Video Marketing

Video Marketing: A clearer outlook for Content Marketing 

Digital marketing is a medium for a product or service promotions with the use of the digital channels to reach more customers. The marketing content can connect with clients through digital mediums relayed through the Internet or digital networks. Under the digital marketing section, other forms of advertising and promotion will help businesses with the exposure they need. The SEO will also have the positive effect with this method integrated with a responsive web design. One of the channels is the video marketing feature that paints more than a million words.

Video Marketing is a clearer picture of what the content marketing wants to convey to its customers. This type of marketing method is uploading a two to a five-minute video regarding what the content of the website is all about. The content shared through the video sharing sites like Youtube, distributes and shows off the items uploaded for client awareness and business presence on the Internet.

Your Video Marketing Strategy going viral

Digital technology is more accessible today than before. It is even cheaper to link with information and cross boundaries to get hold of data and interact with content placed on the market. A business site content depicts what is shown in the online firm’s video marketing.

A successful video campaign gets the attention of its potential customer and attracts the traffic to interact with the business site on what they want and when they want their goods or services. Video Marketing is the top of the line application delivering quality content to the customers who want your merchandise. The fast lane of business and technology has the video marketing to answer the needs and provides visual information about the business offered online or through mobile devices.

your video marketing strategy going viral

A video marketing campaign could catch fire if the content ignites the interest of the buying public of the goods peddled over the web. Some digital marketing firms advise not to let the video go viral; but when a video hits a market niche, it is unpredictable how many hits it will take. It could turn a weakening venture around and shoot up sales conversions. It will also be a big boost to the SEO when the viral phenomenon hits the charts.

Video Marketing leads the way to the future

Here are some facts and statistics why Red Rock Marketing offers this important service to clients that employ their services.

  • By the year 2019, Video marketing will take center stage by 80% of all web traffic. This is how visuals will affect the digital marketing aspect of businesses offering their wares over the web.
    Click through rates will boost its activity from 200% – 300%. The increase will be due to better videos posted over the internet. Red Rock Marketing sees the potential of the video marketing services in the digital promotions aspect.
  • Conversion rates will have a rise of up to 80% when videos are on the landing pages. This will promote higher scores in the SERPs and complement the responsive web pages for SEO.
  • Youtube declares that video marketing increases up to 100% every year. The rise is great potential for video marketing and Red Rock Marketing Group is on the path to serve its clientele with the attribute of this marketing technique.
  • In a study focused on sales conversions, 64 percent of the customers are likely to buy a product after watching the video presentation. The impact of video marketing sinks deep into the customer’s awareness leading to a sale.
  • With the turnover of business sales due to video marketing, 87% of online marketers are now using the marketing method. The procedure boosted the click-through ratings that led to sales conversions of their clients’ merchandise. Red Rock Marketing clearly defines this method of dynamic selling and online presence awareness.
  • In the study, a record high of 90% of the customers had the influence of a video marketing presentation. The short video about the product or service gave them away into signing a deal to purchase the goods.
  • The study further indicates that one-third of the surfers spend most of their surfing time watching short videos of the product they wanted to buy. After which, they made that move to finally purchase the product they surveyed through the video they watched.
  • Online Ad spending reached the 35% budget on video marketing. More of the money is spent luring customers to buy what they see on videos posted by businesses. It is more convincing for buyers to purchase the merchandise when they have the video marketing to persuade them to purchase the products and services.
  • Due to the busy schedule and time constraints of decision makers of companies, 59% would rather view a video marketing material than to read a content or blog post. The CEOs could contemplate their decisions on video marketing than to listen to an actual sales presentation or read it on paper.

According to a digital marketing expert, James McQuivey, one minute of a video marketing presentation is equal to 1.8 million words. Red Rock Marketing will have this feature in the service package on how to reach your goals using the video marketing approach.

With Red Rock Marketing, the department will have the video marketing feature incorporated into the service package. Visit us at and learn more about how we can promote your business with dynamic SEO and offers that will help your business grow with more sales conversions.