Mobile Marketing

Here’s What You Need to Know About Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing plays a significant role in digital marketing. As a matter of fact, the shift towards mobile handsets is considered a trend and it is expected to continuously grow. With that, the businesses have to make sure that they are possessing consistent mobile marketing plan to build a connection with the digital customers. Read on to know all the things you have to learn about mobile marketing and distinguish which strategy suits your business well.

Brief Definition of Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a way to advertise your products and services to the smartphone users. When it’s done in a right way it can carry in clients and potential customers. Mobile marketing includes research to recognize the smartphone user’s nature, design based on the mobile platform being used, and implementing numerous techniques.

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Reasons Why Mobile Marketing is Important

Here are the considered significances of mobile marketing that the sellers have to assess as a portion of their digital scheme.

  • Time Devoted to Mobile Handsets Is Continuously Increasing

An average person devotes 500 hours each year navigating on different Websites or just talking to someone using their smartphones. This huge amount of time provides sufficient opportunity to get the mobile phone users’ attention. It can be utilized to do some mobile marketing and discuss your business via the gadget that they use regularly in their everyday life.

  • Mobile Marketing and Mobile Commerce Go Well Together

As of today, many consumers are utilizing their mobile phones in purchasing from different e-commerce platforms. Even small up to huge businesses have recognized this, and they are developing user-friendly Websites to generate sales. It is also worth noting that the businesses which incorporated mobile campaigns have seen an increase in their revenue.

  • Shoppers Acquire Products and Services in Stores

Mobile technology delivers opportunity to the consumers to shop and compare the products and services being offered. With that, the businesses having active mobile marketing promotions can take benefit of the Search engine optimization. Aside from that, an easily maneuverable Website can offer your business an advantage the moment the customer is all set to purchase.

It is also worth mentioning that the search engines are modifying their algorithms so that they could offer greater preference to mobile-friendly Websites. This generates the necessity for businesses to increase their presence on the Internet and connect new forms of programmed marketing into their processes.

  • Rates of Opening Short Message Service (SMS) Are Higher Compared to E-mail

The SMS features an open rate of 98%. Most importantly, 90% of individuals who opened the text message will read it in three seconds. This percentage is higher compared to email marketing and to other digital networks. Modifying your SMS messages to be more appealing to potential clients will give them the curiosity about the product and do further research. With that, they are likely to start on the smartphone which received the SMS.

  • Mobile Marketing Influences a Wide-range of Market

Mobile phones and tablets are indeed becoming prevalent tools for communication. In fact, the manufacturers were able to answer the consumer’s demand faster and inexpensively. These advances basically mean that the sellers and marketers have a superb chance to convey their marketing messages to the hands of their consumers and potential clients. Through mobile marketing, the advertisers and marketers were able to reach a much extensive audience.

Different Types of Mobile Marketing Schemes

There are numerous types of mobile marketing schemes that advertisers and sellers can try. The type that works best for your business is contingent on the industry, target market, and your budget.

  • App-Based Marketing

This type of mobile marketing involves mobile applications. Since 80% of the time devoted in using the smartphone is engaged with apps, you’ll easily get into the action without the need of making an app. There are services that let advertisers and marketers create mobile advertisements that appear inside the third-party applications.

  • In-Game Mobile Marketing

The In-game mobile marketing denotes to mobile advertisements that appear inside the mobile games. It can appear as full-page image advertisements, banner pop-ups, or even video commercials that appear when the game is still loading.

  • QR codes

These are scanned by the mobile phone users, who will be taken to a particular webpage wherein the same QR code is attached to. It is also worth mentioning that the QR codes are frequently associated with mobile gamification.
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  • Location-Based Marketing

The Location-based mobile marketing refers to the advertisements that appear on the smartphones according to the user’s location. This also has relation to a definite business or location. One good example is when some advertisers only want their mobile advertisements to appear during the time when the users are within a 1-mile range of their commerce.

  • Mobile Search Advertisements

These refer to the basic Google search advertisements that are intended for mobile. Most of the time these feature additional extensions like maps or click-to-call.

  • Mobile Image Advertisements

Another form of mobile marketing is the Image-based advertisements, which are made appear on smartphones.

  • SMS

SMS promotions involve picking up a user’s smartphone number and sending deals through text messages. Nonetheless, this form of mobile marketing is considered a bit out-of-date.

With the aforementioned reasons why mobile marketing is important, it is hoped that you’ll consider this in advertising your products and services. Also, it is hoped that you’ll be able to implement the best strategy that suits your business well.