Web Design

Web Design

A great web design encompasses three important facets – USABILITY, ART, and SEO.  These are all deeply rooted on several criteria. To achieve all of these, you need to consider the need for a number of good external and internal links. You need to make sure that the title tags and the ALT tags are accurate.

We take pride in our analytic skills. We have a de dedicated team that is focused chiefly on analyzing websites. This means that from the research on the keyword ranking,  the technical audits of the page the development and implementation of the strategy up to the conversion analysis, we have a team of expert working on every detail.


Whether you have an existing website that needs revamping and a whole lot of tweaking or simply starting from scratch, we have the service and strategy for you. Take advantage of our range of in-house tools that we use exclusively for site analysis.

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Part of the web design services we offer include the following:

  • Custom Graphics, Print Design, and Logo Creation
  • e-Commerce pages
  • Content Management and Set Up
  • Social Media Integration
  • Ad Design
  • Web Banner Creation
  • E-mail Newsletter Designs and more

The Planning Stage

The Red Rock Marketing Web Design Services begin with extensive planning and researching. We look into several factors including your goal and your brand. We will also be looking int your current conversion rate as well as the existing materials you have.

The Design Stage

The stage where use cases, storyboards, mockups, and wireframes start to be generated. We will work on all of these while constantly seeking your opinion in the process. Our goal is for us to be sure that you have an understanding of what your site will eventually look like.  The collaborative efforts from our end and yours will drastically help attain the goals within the prescribed period of time and will also alleviate the need for a number of modifications.

The Deployment Stage

This is where the initial test of the website is done. At this stage, your sheets, custom graphics, page templates and all the necessary back-end applications are created. Our team of expert web designers will the run the site through a number of tests that possible errors are corrected immediately.

The Enhancement Stage

Websites would require constant tweaking and update in order to provide and publish fresh content all the time. These would essentially boost the conversion rates as well. In line with this, we see to it that you have sufficient support from us.

Responsive Web Designs are the centerpieces of websites

Red Rock Marketing sets its responsive web designs that incorporate the SEO factor for a place of your business on top of the Search Engine Result Pages. Today’s approach to designing a website is to incorporate it into the SEO requirements. The adherence to Google algorithm updates will propel your business website to the top charts of the Search Engine.

Red Rock Marketing Group designs SEO responsive websites

Our company integrates social media into your web design. By doing so, social media fare well with search engines and so do your customers. Integrating the social media avenues like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, and Yelp will boost your business online presence on the internet.

Besides reinforcing the quality of web contents which adds up to the search engine rankings, use images too. Images can push your page rankings. Remember to use images that are not too large with sizes ranging from 30 kb to 100 kb only with a resolution of 72 dpi. Large images will drag your website into a slow phase and will result in lagging. Position your images strategically, the more relevance they bring to your site, the more efficient they will be for search engine rankings.

If your web developer uses javascript to create your responsive web design, advise him to limit his computer language as javascript does not work well with SEO. web crawlers will be struggling to read your site if the SEO specialist used the computing language to a great extent. SEO specialist on web design should make the site as user-friendly with respect to SEO and visitors engaging in the website.

reponsive web design for all devices la

The URL should also be user-friendly to or your SERPs has the negative effect on your rankings. Red Rock Marketing ensures its customers that the URL is SEO-friendly that it will improve the SERPs in your favor.

The responsive web design should be accessible otherwise your search engine rankings will plummet if it is not reachable. Your site must be available for viewing on web browsers. Being inaccessible from surfers will cause your potential customers to leave your page and go somewhere else where they can access the information they need.

Take caution in using flashes on your responsive web designs. It could be an annoyance to your customers affecting your score in search engine ratings. Search engines snub the existence of flashes and downgrade the SEO rankings of the site.

Incorporating SEO into responsive web design will boost your Search Engine Ratings

Red Rock Marketing group can create a responsive web design to add scores to the Search Engine platform.It is now the best practice approach to formulate an SEO-friendly website based on the Customer Management System (CMS) factor. And this is best for web designs on top of WordPress as it is above the pack and are of great advantage when creating website layouts.

The benefits of a WordPress designed website

It is deployable within a short period of time with lesser cost compared to conventional websites. Small businesses will appreciate this WordPress based responsive web design if they are operating within a budget.

WordPress designed websites could be multi-author and with a number of editors accessing the site. It is as easy as word processing where you can do video, animation, audio, graphics, photography among other media available.

With the WordPress facility, it is easy to build a flexible and versatile layout and navigational architecture. If it needs redesigning, web design experts can easily alter it on the fly. Alteration is convenient to keep abreast of the changing algorithms of the Search Engines.

The WordPress CMS responsive web designs allow your staff to edit certain areas of the layout.

Web Content like blogs, serials, tutorials, RSS feeds, updates and news are automatically uploadable set on regular schedules.

You can secure certain areas of the responsive web design with passwords.

Browser capability issues and coding errors are the least of your concerns as lessons learned from the old web design approaches.

Updates for the WP CMS based responsive web design is doable in a jiffy.

A wide variety of plug-ins and tools to enhance the depth and breadth of the responsive web design capabilities.

The WordPress CMS responsive web design allows editors, authors and staff to access the website anytime and anywhere. Mobile devices are capable of accessing the website from anywhere in the world as long as there is a stable internet provider.

WordPress allows responsive web designers to customize the creation of a website using graphics, stylesheets, typographic designs, and other special tools.

SEO-friendly responsive web designs result in satisfactory scores in the superb search engine result pages.

There are several CMS choices to integrate into a responsive web design facility. Red Rock Marketing Group offer this type of cost-effective services for companies that work within the budget.

Included in the web design package are Custom graphics, print design, and logo creation. There are also e-commerce pages, Set up for content management, Social Media Integration, Ad Design, Web Banner creation among other offers in the package.

Please visit our website at http://redrockmarketinggroup.com/services/web-design/ to learn more about our approach to responsive web design creation or call our number at (818) 802-0241 to set an appointment.