Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process that affects the online presence of a business website or webpage. It comprises of tools utilized to influence page rankings in the search engine result pages (SERPs). Red Rock Marketing Group has a special approach for business entities that employ their SEO services to expose their business online.

The SEO Red Rock Marketing Approach

Red Rock Marketing approaches the search engine optimization attributes by an in-depth research of not only your business goals and policies but also the company of your competitors. Our group analyzes, audits, reviews, measures, assess, and implements constant changes to reach the SEO goals on target. Red Rock Marketing repeats the process to keep abreast of market developments as part of the service package for its customers.

Our group aims to increase traffic and online visitors to the website through the SEO. When a website has the SEO specialist focusing on the entity, your business has to be in the top ranks found in the search engine result pages. The present SEO application gives priority on the web content consisting of keywords and phrases recognized by crawlers that pass the information to the SERPs for page ranking.

Red Rock Marketing understands the tools for the SEO application and its role in the search engine rankings. Our SEO specialists are constantly seeking out ways to improve traffic, generate sales conversions. Increase in sales is a manifestation that the SEO works for the online entity.

Red Rock Marketing identifies the factors that hinder the business to rise in the search engine rankings. When these roadblocks are visible, Red Rock Marketing springs into action to clear the path for SERPs recognition. Our group formulates strategies to adapt to your niche of customers and will depend on the project’s complexities.

SEO is about content

SEO is about online engagement and converting the visitors to buying customers that purchase your merchandise and services. The engagement is all because of what is on your web or the website content. SEO specialists are recently giving utmost importance to web content to attract more visitors to their site. People want to talk about creating content, and social relationships that are responsible for the traffic to websites.

Google content is the preference of SEO firms for business entities as link building waned and is not a trusted tool for SEO, yet quality backlinks can propel your company to the top of the search engine rankings.

To instill fairness in the search engine result pages, Google launched three algorithm updates to address the issues of page ranking fraud. Red Rock Marketing firm is taking advantage of this updates in their SEO works for the companies they serve. The awareness of Google updates helps Red Rock Marketing Group adjust to the algorithms and avoid penalties from the search engine giant.

The eight major Google algorithm updates

Google Panda functioned as a filter rather than a ranking algorithm launched February 24, 2011. Red Rock Marketing recognizes this ranking algorithm and uses it as a component of SEO tool for SERPs. It works to detect duplication, plagiarism, thin content, keyword overload, and spam created by users. Our company uses site crawlers to adjust web content and avoid these hazards detected.

Google Penguin launched last April 24, 2012, works as the detector of bad links that bloats the anchor text. It recognizes spammy or irrelevant backlinks in the web content. Once these backlinks got the attention of Penguin, Google downgrades your page rank that was manipulating the search engine. Red Rock Marketing uses this tool in the SEO of the client’s website.

Google Hummingbird launched last August 22, 2013, identifies low-quality content like the constant repetition of phone numbers without added value to the content or a blocked content stating an address over and over. Hummingbird shoots down the company violating this Google update and lowers it rank on the SERPs. Red Rock Marketing understands this update better and solves the issue by diversifying web content and adhere to the satisfaction of the Google Hummingbird algorithm for the SEO.

Google Pigeon detects the hazards of a poor on-and-off page SEO. Launched on December 22, 2014, in the UK, Canada, and Australia, it affects the algorithm in search engines where the location is a crucial factor for the SERPs. Local SEO results base the page ranking on conventional SEO factors. Red Rock Marketing gets its clients to register in relevant business listings that is a factor rank your business well The action will generate good backlinks that will help online presence for your company.

Google Mobile recognizes the lack of a mobile version of a website content resulting in poor mobile usage. White pages that are not mobile friendly gets pulled down from the search engine rankings. Our company will check on the mobile-friendly status of your web content to improve SEO rankings on top of the mobile search.

Google Rankbrain is part of the Hummingbird’s algorithm which recognizes the logic behind queries thereby activating search results for the queries. Rankbrain identifies relevant features for web page ranking based on a given query that has query-specific ranking factors. Our company will do the SEO on the business content for competitiveness and relevance. Through an analytic tool, our SEO experts can find out the relevant terms and concepts your top competitions use on their sites.

Google Possum is an update that ensures local search engine results have the optimized effect on the surfer’s whereabouts. The nearer the searcher to the business entity, the more it will be on the SERPs. Red Rock Marketing will adjust your web content if it detects the hazards of stiff competition in your area. Possum is a great Google update that benefits the SEO digital firm and the clients as well.

Google Fred is the update launched last year on March 8, 2017. If you have a thin and poorly developed web content or an ad-centered piece for your website, Fred will surely detect it and downgrade your page rankings. The update hunts down violators of the Google Webmaster Guidelines. Most of the sites targeted by Fred are the blogs and with low-quality content whose aim is to generate ad revenues. Red Rock Marketing will ensure that your page is of high quality with ads that are worthwhile and does not aim to trick Google. Fred will no doubt catch up on the trick and will penalize your business site.

These eight algorithmic updates alter search rankings of online business entities in the SERPs. It is best to make the SEO adjustments via their guidelines to avoid penalties from Google.

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SEO friendly websites and its components

Red Rock Marketing has a rock-solid approach to the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Our group does a lot of in-depth research before taking the task to a notch higher. The tools that the group employs for the SEO of your business allows your site to soar further from your competition. There are SEO tools used that are part of the services offered by the Red Rock Marketing Group.

Red Rock Marketing SEO tools used to lift your business above the competition

1. Domain Authority – A search engine scoring facility that determines the effectiveness of a website’s ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs). The score ranges from one to 100, the higher the score, the better its effect on the page ranking of a business based on a logarithmic scale of the website’s popularity. Websites with a very good number of external links of high-quality rates higher in the Domain Authority Scale. Red Rock Marketing SEO services see to it that these external links are of excellent quality to give your business a high score on the Domain Authority scoreboard.

2. Page Ranking – The authority on this factor of analysis is on a scale from one to ten. Designed by Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the calculation evaluates the quality of inbound and outbound links of the website for the page to achieve an SEO page rank score. The higher the score the better chances of it to appear on the top rank of the search engine. This is what Red Rock Marketing aims to achieve for your SEO online venture.

3. Unique Visitors – Red Rock Marketing Group will be looking into the Unique visitors’ factor of your competitor’s website and develop a strategy for distinct individuals requesting on a page. Businesses may lose revenue when this section of the SEO plunges in count.

SEO Tools to enhance and generate unique visitors traffic to your website

A. By identifying those links and analyzing them, Red Rock Marketing SEO experts can diagnose which links are best and those that are not good for your website.

B. Red Rock Marketing has a team of SEO experts who can classify the links used that creates a dip in traffic. Some links will result in Google fines and penalties and will lose your business money.

C. Removal of bad links associated with poor traffic and penalties will lift the SEO page rankings and improve unique visitors to your online business.

D. Communicating with Google and asking for a reconsideration of the bad links that caused fines with a resolution of its removal. Attaching a file that outlines the removal of the bad link as proof of its resolve will justify your request. Red Rock Marketing will do this SEO job for your business to add more unique visitors.

E. Red Rock Marketing will help your business grow by developing a high-quality content plan for your web venture. The high-quality content will allow SEO crawlers to pitch in more traffic and visits on your website. Our group can produce cost-effective content that will deliver the visits to your site and converting the traffic to sales.

F. Implementation of high-quality links associated with your website is another SEO action Red Rock Marketing will push through to grow your business. The link building strategy will also incorporate its implementation into the web content created thereby increasing the activation of the other factors of analysis of your website.

Red Rock Marketing has unique tools to further the growth and expansion of your business. Our group will continuously be monitoring everything for your business when you employ us for your venture. The real-time monitoring will lead to other developments that the group will recommend to business owners.

4. Content Analysis – Red Rock Marketing uses a content analysis tool that checks web content and corrects them for any errors basing on their checklists. Some of the erroneous website content are duplicate title tags, low word count, broken links, duplicate content, missing title tags, missing meta descriptions, slow page loading speed, missing h1 or h2 tags, HHTPS implementation errors, nofollow attributes on links, images with empty alt tags, and incorrect hreflang implementation.

5. Website Domain Analysis – This study shows how your website is performing against your competitors and show the status of your business ranking in the search engine results pages. Red Rock Marketing uses this SEO tool to compare your domain with the domain of your competitors and recommend solutions for your business to stay above the competition. Profound domain analysis will set the SEO strategy on a firm foundation for your venture.

6. Online Brand Presence Analysis – This analytical tool determines if your business appears on the search engine results when a visitor does his search on the web. Red Rock Marketing considers the accessibility of your entity when a search is in progress in your area of coverage. This also a part of the marketing strategy that Red Rock will develop for your online operations.

7. Keyword ranking analysis – SEO ranking use essential factors like the keyword ranking analysis. The right keyword is essential to your website in terms of SEO. Our group has the right tools for the keyword ranking analysis that will push your website to the top of the search engine page rankings.

8. Website Architecture Analysis – Red Rock Marketing can definitely help your business by doing the right site architecture analysis. The design of your website will help a lot in the search engine rankings. Our group is adept at the creating a sound architecture of your website equipped with analytical tools that are on the constant monitor according to SEO requirements.

9. Visitor Demographic Breakdown Analysis – This type of service that goes with offers from Red Rock marketing allows business owners an update of the target visitor demographics, target audience, including the customer segment which your business wants to tap. The group also dissects the competitors demographic market and recommend solutions for your business to stay ahead of the pack. This is one of the best marketing tools Red Rock Marketing employs to its customers.

10. Social link Analysis – Social media may not be a ranking factor as declared by Google but it is a factor that helps SEO attain its purpose for the business website. Social links help SEO by generating more potential links to your site, build an audience (Facebook has over 2 billion users), brand searches, and helps promotion.

These SEO tools are part of the services rendered by The Red Rock Marketing Group to its clients that puts them above their competitors. Make an appointment for a free consultation for your SEO requirements to make it on the top SERPs. Call us at (818) 802-0241.

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